9 #Qotd for your Bookstagram !!

Hi my bookster !

Are you new to this community or not new still you feel blank whenever you want to put #qotd ?

I have often seen bookstagrammers to talk about this particular topic .

Asking a question in caption always helps to grow your account and not only that but also helps to improve your bonding with this community!!

Asking about there current reads, favourite author or book is old-fashioned now !

Here is a list of 9 #qotd I have used myself ! You can use them too !

1. Who is your auto buy author ?

We,the bibliophile love to read the books by different author but always there is atleast one author whoes writing we trust blindly . We buy there books because it is written by Them . So It never can be wrong .

2. Have you ever lost your sleep over a book ?

-. People who love book can definitely relate to this . So don’t you think, people will come and give you a virtual hifive ? When people will be able to feel connected the bond will be stronger.

3. Who has introduced you to books ?

You can never miss this question . Ask this question and share your story too.

4. How many books would you like to carry whenever you are going out for a vacation ?

I like to carry atleast 2 short books with me. In case I don’t like one of them I have a mother book to request myself.

5. What is your favorite bookish holiday look like ?

I want a cup of favourite cappuccino a cosy nook and a peaceful environment. Few people prefer light music.

6. Is there any particular genre you are never going to stop reading ?

For me it’s fiction . Abd you will get different answers from people .

7. Who is your favourite bookish Gurdian ?

It’s a tricky question I know . Let your peeps think 😊

8. Do you have any favourite Bookish/ fictional pet ?

I would love to have Phoenix and a unicorn 😍😍😍😍

9. Have you ever thought of going on a bookish date with your bookstagram fams ? Tag them

Yes . Tag your favourites too.

So these are 9 simple yet so helpful #qotd which can help you . 😊

Like and comment if you find it helpful 😊


The Realm of Demons by Imran Kureshi

The Realm of Demons by Imran Kureshi

Total Pages – 231

Genre – Fantasy

Publication – Juggernaut

format -paperback

About the author

Imran Kureshi lives in Pakistan. He is former employee of the Pakistan State Oil Company Limited and has been a freelance editor of books and PhD these for over sixteen years . his collection of short stories set in rural Punjab, titled Billa Nayee and Other Tales, has been published by Oxford University Press . This is his first novel.

About the book

The book starts with the Protagonist,Mehran who still think about his cousin Koyel . The protagonist used to live with his widowed mother in an ancient palace which belonged to his grandparents’ from his mother side ,in undivided India . They were Rajput Aristocrate family. But the family was cursed. One the red moon night , the elder heir of the family was found beheaded . Many possible ways have tried and tested but nothing has worked . The demon is extremely powerful.A tabiz was made to save the heir . But it was lost . Due to this horrible curse, he had to lost his beloved cousin . But he never believe that KOyel is not alive .

Soon Mehran ,his mother and grandmother were sent to Lahore . the curse did not leave them . But it was a time of Partition . Koyel and mysterious palace was there in India.

Mehran started feeling the existence of demon again in his life. one night he dreamt of Koyel, who tried to make him aware of upcoming danger in his life . Mehran was shocked . he again started to seek about the truth of Koyel.

In order to get rid of this demon and to get Koyel back he traveled to Bhutan . he visited a place where only few human have reached .

My Views

First of all I admire the cover of the book which is gorgeous and gives a hint of the story inside . this is the first novel by this author but I am highly pleased by his wring . He has created a perfect atmosphere . His story stelling has taken this book to another level and seems like there is someone looking at me from behind the curtain or someone is under the bed.

But his experiences in Bhutan reminds me of few scenes harry potter . I can not but imagine Sru as Dobby. Only this particular part of this story has made me disappointed .

If you are looking for perfect Weekend reading and if you are a Fantasy Genre Lover go grab this book right now .

Rating – 4/5

Thank you Juggernaut for this beautiful review copy

The silent Patient

The silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Total pages -339

Genre- Thriller

Publisher- Orion Books

About the author
Alex Michaelides was born in Cyprus to a Greek-Cypriot father and English mother. He read English at Cambridge University and received a MA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute. He wrote the film Devil You Know, starring Rosamund Pike, and co-wrote The Con is On, starring Uma Thurman and Tim Roth. The Silent Patient, his first novel, is a Sunday Times, New York Times, Australian and Irish bestseller.

About the book

Alicia Berenson was a painter and a loving wife of a photographer Gabriel. She was thirty-three when she killed her husband . But this incident had made her silent. She never spoke.

Although she was silent she made a painting and it was a self portrait . She entitled it – Alecestis .

According to Greek mythology Alecestis is wife of Admetus and she has to die for her husband. But when she becomes alive again she remains silent .

This was highly connected with Alicia.

Psychotherapist Theo found her case intriguing and felt an urge to help her . He tried to understand her silence .

In order to help Alicia he step by step unrevealed the her life – the life with Gabriel and life before Gabriel .

Alicia’s childhood wasn’t suitable enough for a child. She witnessed her mother death . Her father did not love her and also her aunt was not fond of her.

On the other hand, Theo’s childhood was not better than her. He was absued by his father. His mother and him were afraid of his father. This pathetic life destroyed his mental health. It was Ruth, a psychotherapist who helped him to get out of that stage. And this incident had fueled him to become a psychotherapist.

Theo was married to Kathy, an actress. But soon their marriage seemed to be in trouble.

My thoughts

The book has taken a place in my heart . I appreciate the format of the plot : the description of Alicia’s personal diary and Theo’s narration , both of them have been blend in a brilliant way and taken this plot to another level.

The adding of personal drama has made the story more concrete and no doubt realistic.

The story is fast paced and full of suspence .

I was completely clueless about the end. I haven’t expected this twist . Ofcourse I’m amazed .

I definitely want to appreciate author’s writing style . It is hard to believe that this is his debut novel . I am definitely forward to read more books from this author.

It’s no doubt a 5/5 ⭐️ read !!

Thank you Hacchet India for arranging this awsome read-along .

The Good Thieves !!

The good thieves by Katherine Rundle :

First of of This is one of the most beautiful ARC I have received . It is my first Katherine Rundle book.

The protagonist ,Vita is a charming young girl and full of life. She is no doubt a brave girl. Her grandfather was cheated and lost his home . Our strong protagonist planned to help her grandfather with her friends.

In our high school or middle school we more or less have particular gangs towards whom we were dedicated . Vita’s gang reminded me of my high school days .

There is also a Villain, a boy. This boy does nothing but makes trouble.

The author has beautifully created the characters . Each of them is different . The building of plot is also amazing. I like the way author has shown the emotional relation between the grandfather and his granddaughter.

If you are looking for a middle grad book recommendation you should pick this one up

The book is a 4.5/5 ⭐️ read for me .

Aurora Rising !

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristof

Format – Hardback

Total Pages – 480

Publisher – One World

About the author

Amie Kaufman is the award-winning co-author of the Starbound series. Jay Kristoff is the award-winning author of the Nevernight Chronicles and the Lotus War series. They are co-authors of the bestselling Illuminae Files trilogy and live in Melbourne, Australia

My thoughts
The book is one of the anticipated release of this year. When I received this book I was looking at this gorgeous cover !

The cover looks more beautiful than the picture !

So let’s jump into the Review .I am not a huge Sci-Fi fan but I have heard about Illuminae Files .

It took around four busy days to complete. But still I think I have taken a lot of time to finish this ultimate page turner .

The seven protagonists have given their own P.o.v. which has made the plot more concrete .

I have already mentioned it is a fast paced one. Adding of humorous elements has made this book an Awesome Sauce .

It’s defiantly a 5/5⭐️ for me.

I want to thank publication house for sending me a copy of this amazing book.

Ashoke and the nine unknown

Ashoke and The nine unknown by Anshul Dupare

Total pages- 224

Genre – Fiction

Publication- Rupa Publication

About the author

Anshul Dupare likes to explore novel ideas and unexplored avenues through his writing. Originally from Nagpur, he was brought up in Madhya Pradesh and has spent most of his life in different parts of India.

An alumnus of Sainik School, Rewa and Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), creative writing has been his hobby for a long time and he also writes poetry. He is an avid traveller, a voracious reader and is fond of chess and basketball.He currently resides in Dallas, USA.

An alumnus of Sainik School, Rewa and Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), creative writing has been his hobby for a long time and he also writes poetry. He is an avid traveller, a voracious reader and is fond of chess and basketball.He currently resides in Dallas, USA.

About the book

The book starts with the ending of devastating Kalinga War. The war is known to us as the reason of Ashoke’s Transformation from Cruel emperor to a religious one. But here the book has unfolded something new .

Ashoke was cursed by Amartya, who had lost his family in this war .

Ashoke thought of doing something great and necessary . But the mission is impossible for an one man army . So here The nine unknown came to help him .

This is actually the first part of the series .

My Take

I am fond of Indian history. But this book doesn’t only contain historical refference but there are some input of mythology and fantasy Which have made the plot more intriguing.

I love the storytelling .

The plot is woven nicely.

I have to admire the attractive cover .

The book is a page Turner.

I finished it within busy 2 days !!

It’s definitely a 5/5⭐️ read for me

A will to kill : Book Review

A will to kill by RV Raman

Genre – Thriller/Mystery

Total pages – 340

Publication- HarperCollins

About the author

After a corporate career spanning three decades and four continents, RV Raman has moved away from fulltime roles to pursue other interests. He now teaches at an IIM, mentors young entrepreneurs, serves as an independent director on company boards, and writes. In his earlier avatar, he advised companies, regulators, and governments. Tired of extensive physical travel, he now prefers less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of his own creation. He writes crime fiction, including thrillers set in corporate India and murder mysteries. Details are available at http://www.rvraman.com. He lives in Chennai and can be reached through his website. A Will to Kill is the first book of a new series of murder mysteries.

About the book

The book starts with a younger man who talks about his father Will with a detective in their mention . His father has two types of Wills one will be applicable if he dies a natural death and other one is for unnatural death . A reader must be shook by this kind of start !

As the story moves forward the reason of the will(s) will be unfolded . There is a dark past about there mansion too which is highly connected with the Will. According to the local the Mansion is cursed

Lots of new characters enter in the plot and pushes the plot and create a cold foggy mysterious atmosphere .

My verdict

1. The plot is undoubtedly intriguing and fresh .

2. The plot is concrete and has been woven in a great way which I admire .

3. Author has done a great research and has enhanced each and every character with great details

4. The language is lucid

If you are a crazy mystery and Thriller fan go grab it !

It’s definitely a 5/5⭐️ read for me !!

I want to thanks HarperCollins for this review copy