Adulting by Neharika Gupta

Adulting by Neharika Gupta

Total pages-207

Genre -fiction

Publication- HarperCollins

About the book

Adulting by Neharika Gupta revolves around three characters Tejas, Ruhi and Aisha .
Tejas is a best seller writer and struggling to overcome writer’s block. Ruhi is working at Literacy Publishing . Aisha is a popular blogger .
Ruhi works hard to take the literacy to a new level . But her mother is always there to throw her weight about. That’s why she hides her relationship with Tejas.

On the other hand Aisha is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger and lives alone in Delhi. Aisha has an external faith in her beauty. She joins literacy as Social media manager.
Ruhi‘s too much insecurity makes Tejas uncomfortable, and he breaks up with her . Soon he feels attracted towards Aisha .
Aisha is too much conscious about her looks and weight. As her weight increase she starts loosing sanity . She feels depressed .

My views

The book gives us a inside view of publication house . The struggle of bloggers also well reflected here. But the story is predictable enough and finished hurriedly.
Tejas s unstable decisions about whom to date has made the story insipid.

It would be more logical if Aisha has consulted a Psychologist instead of visiting doctor only to control her diet.

I want to give this book 3/5 ⭐️

Author Interview !!

Being an avid reader I have alway tried to know the Author, their writingstyle , how they think and more So Finally I got a chance to interview Arun Batish ,the author of EKA – Rendezvous with your life forces .


Tell us something about your book?

My book, EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces describes that a rendezvous happens with life forces every single day and you are the decision-maker to accept or reject these moments in your life and how ‘EKA –The One, Single and Supreme Sense’ helps you accept them in the purest form.

I have described how these potent life forces residing within you have to be utilized in certain situations, and to have ascendancy over them requires a highly developed and adept mind with the state of ‘EKA’.

My book describes how having a more vigorous ‘EKA’ can make you understand the realities of life and understand the secrets of an ecstatic life. The authentic essence of these life forces and how they represent part of your experience of being in the world are explained. I have explained how ‘EKA’ helps you understand the puissance that runs through your subconscious mind and questions arising in your mind by being exposed to the realities and secrets of a blissful life!


Why have you chosen this genre?

I am a hardcore monotheist and believe in the realistic aspect of life, hence non-fiction genre comes naturally to me. The reason I chose to write about this genre of self-help, is for the fact that people can learn self-help skills and live an independent, meaningful and fulfilling life. I am a strong believer that Self-help genre is extremely empowering, it means having a customized plan of your life events, making other people feel good about you and by reading books of Self-help genre one becomes a better and wiser person.


Are you an avid reader?

Yes, indeed I am. Knowing about other authors, thought and thinking patterns excited me !


Tell me about your favorite books ?

My favorite books are:

The Secret By Rhonda Byrne
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
Life by Jeff Keller
Start With Why by Simon Sinek
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
The One Thing by Jay Papasan
The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The Courage to Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga


Any author whose works you admire the most ?

I am fascinated by the words and inspirational writings of Ashoka – the Great, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare & Leo Tolstoy.


Any tips for aspiring authors:

Be Human, Be Honest and Be Real in your writings.


What was your favorite part of the writing journey?

My favourite part of writing a book is when the end result comes together perfectly that I didn’t realize I was writing towards.

My favourite part of writing a book is when a reader comes back to me and tell me, they got it right and understood my words correctly and how they helped with understanding the life better and how that they felt exactly what I wanted them to feel.


Do you write every day?

Yes indeed, I do. My writing process is simple; write every day for 30 minutes. I allow no interruptions, no beeps, no notifications, and nothing to check for 30 minutes straight before my house gets lured by the smell of freshly brewed Himalayan coffee wake me up and I start my day of being a Human Resources professional.


What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

Honestly, there is nothing that I find difficult about writing. It comes easy to me !


Apart from writing what do you love to do?

When I am not writing, you’ll find me playing extreme sports, pumping iron, taking jungle safaris and conquering snowy mountains.

I want to thanks the

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Books I love (2019 ) !  #Decemberdelights

Hello bibliophile!

We are going to good bye 2019 ! It has been a great reading year to me ! Read books by new authors from various countries. But few books have taken a place in my heart and I would love to suggest you some books from that list ! I want you all to read this book.

So let’s start !

1. Realms of Demons by Imran Kureshi :

This is the first novel by this author but I am highly pleased by his wring . He has created a perfect atmosphere . His story stelling has taken this book to another level and seems like there is someone looking at me from behind the curtain or someone is under the bed.

But his experiences in Bhutan reminds me of few scenes harry potter . I can not but imagine Sru as Dobby. Only this particular part of this story has made me disappointed .

If you are looking for perfect Weekend reading and if you are a Fantasy Genre Lover go grab this book right now .

2. Ghost by Danielle Steel:

It’s a story about winning independence of an woman. It’s about finding love again.It’s a Romance story within a romance story and two stories have been blended nicely !😊 This is my first Danielle Steel and I’m engrossed with her writing style and every detail of emotions of the character.

Charlie and Carol were madly in love with each other. Charlie used to think he was the happiest man in the world . But before their marriage completed ten years Carole announced her affair with her Senior partner of her law farm . And that made Charlie completely mentally ruined . Soon he was sent to New York . But he soon left his job and reached to Deerfiled . There he met an old woman who has none and because of her he was introduced to a great palace. People have claimed it was haunted but Charlie was moved by its beauty. He hired this palace and started living. And yes Charlie seen the Ghost there.

What did the Ghost ? Who was the Ghost ? What happened to Charlie ? Are you really interested to know ?

You should then Add it To Your Wish List .

3. Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson was a painter and a loving wife of a photographer Gabriel. She was thirty-three when she killed her husband . But this incident had made her silent. She never spoke.

Although she was silent she made a painting and it was a self portrait . She entitled it – Alecestis .

According to Greek mythology Alecestis is wife of Admetus and she has to die for her husband. But when she becomes alive again she remains silent .

This was highly connected with Alicia.
Psychotherapist Theo found her case intriguing and felt an urge to help her . He tried to understand her silence .

In order to help Alicia he step by step unrevealed the her life – the life with Gabriel and life before Gabriel .

Alicia’s childhood wasn’t suitable enough for a child. She witnessed her mother death . Her father did not love her and also her aunt was not fond of her.

On the other hand, Theo’s childhood was not better than her. He was absued by his father. His mother and him were afraid of his father. This pathetic life destroyed his mental health. It was Ruth, a psychotherapist who helped him to get out of that stage. And this incident had fueled him to become a psychotherapist.

Theo was married to Kathy, an actress. But soon their marriage seemed to be in trouble.

The book has taken a place in my heart . I appreciate the format of the plot : the description of Alicia’s personal diary and Theo’s narration , both of them have been blend in a brilliant way and taken this plot to another level.

The adding of personal drama has made the story more concrete and no doubt realistic.

The story is fast paced and full of suspence .

I was completely clueless about the end. I haven’t expected this twist . Ofcourse I’m amazed .

I definitely want to appreciate author’s writing style . It is hard to believe that this is his debut novel . I am definitely forward to read more books from this author.

4. Daughter from a wishing tree by Sudha Murthy:

The Daughter from a wishing tree by Sudha Murthy is divided into three part and consists of twenty-four stories . I have read Sudha Murthy’s book but not any mythological retelling.

According to Indian mythology we have thirty three core gods. But there are lots of books about Indian Gods only. Stories of Our goddess are almost under the veil. But here, Sudha Murthy has taken us to a new journey .

From the very beginning ,we have heard stories about how gods has invested their powers together and has created a Devi in order to kill devils. Those stories are common . Kali, Durga, Saraswati ,Laxmi are well known. But the author has reveals their mostly unknown stories. I got to know that there are eight forms of Laxmi. And not only these goddesses Sudha Murthy has unfolds story of other goddess too.

Apart from the beautiful cover the book contains beautiful illustrations which have made the stories more interesting. We are all familiar with her mind-blowin writing style so no comments on that.

A spectacular book about mythology’s Spectacular women. A must-read book.

5. The Heart’s invisible Furies by John Boyne:

After reading “The boy in the striped pyjamas” my heart was completely shattered. And I couldn’t deny that I felt an utmost happiness in his writing. So when I got a chance to read Heart’s invisible Furies I couldn’t resist myself.

Sixteen years old Pregnant Catherine Goggin came to Dublin in the 1940’s all alone. She was driven away from her village. She met a boy in the bus on the way to Dublin and later befriend with he and his friend. Miss Goggin made up stories about her fictional dead husband and became Mrs. Goggin and started working in Dail.

But Catherine had to give up her Son. A couple adopted him and Named him Cyril Avery.

The story is described from Cyril’s perspective . Cyril was understood from the beginning that he was adopted, and he is not a “real Avery”. Also, from very childhood Cyril realized that he was only interested in men.

That very realization of Cyril chased him because when he visited a doctor and talked about this , the doctor told him that here is homosexual in Ireland !

He fell in love with his best friend but couldn’t say it before the of his marriage with his Best friend’s sister. But it was late enough. Cyril ran away.

From Ireland to Holland Cyril’s journey was not easy. He wanted to live a normal life. Things changed again . We found Cyril in New York . We found some truths he had left behind.

From 1940s to today’s world , through Cyril’s life we experienced rapid change of world .

As I have mentioned before that John Boyne ‘s writing is captivating enough. Cyril’s pain made my heart heavy. I was literally praying that he made at least his mom .

There are only few books which made us cry and laugh at same proportion .

6. The Offing by Benjamin Myers :

The story set in post World War 2 Britain. The war has gulped the celebration of life . It has snatched the children hood . The war has spattered hatred among people. And in this atmosphere Robert grew in a coal mining town . Everyone there works in the pit. But Robert sets out on a journey. The travel gives him a opportunity to meet Dulcie Piper, who lives alone with her dog.

It wasn’t easy for Robert to mix with a complete stranger but it is Dulcie who breaks the ice. Her amiable nature surprises him and soon it feels like his own home.

Dulcie’s life is inspiring. She has set her own rules and live them. She has loved and never forget her . Dulcie makes us believe in kindness and gratitude.

The author ,”The Offing ” takes you to the offing with his beautiful storytelling. The gentle and simple storytelling will make your mind up and fill your heart with utmost satisfaction. Also, I have to mention that, poetries in these book is no doubt precious.

7. Fire on the mountain by Anita Desai :

Fire on the mountains by Anita Desai

Nanda Kaul is leaving her life without her family members in a bungalow named Carignano,in a hill station, Kasauli until she receives a letter from her daughter that her great-grandchild, Raka is coming to stay with her. The child changes her mind and washes away her previous assumption.

Raka falls in love with the beauty of the hills and nature. Curiosity drives her away and makes her fearless. Raka loves to roam around the hills alone. Both of them prefer solitude .
Nanda Kaul wants to cherish her childhood memories in Kashmir with Raka but the story of caged animals doesn’t please her the way forest fire does.

The evening Ila Das, Nanda’s friend visits Carignano the story was pushed to the end. An end which is enough to distrub sanity .

The story plot I personally feel slow paced but on the other hands it has made the story more approachable and reflected the life of Nanda Kaul, slow and mostly same everyday . I admire the beauty of her words . The book is not going to be an easy read for the people who are just starting there hands to english literature .

Why the book touches my heart is because of explanation of the nature ! The minute details of Raka’s observation impacts my mind .

I want to suggest this book to everyone out there who loves to enjoy the beauty through pages .

8. Ha Ha Hu Hu by Viswanandha Satyanarayana:

HaHaHuHu is a collection of two novellas written by one of the greatest Telegu writer Viswanandha Satyanarayana .

The first one starts with a Gandharva, a mythological creature , A horse headed man wearing choti and ornaments found in London . People became curious . First time When he was found , he was unconscious for a long time and people supposed him to be harmful .So he was put in a huge cage. But when he got back his senses it was discovered that he could speak ! The language was Sanskrit not only that he meditated before he touched the food. No surprise he became the centre of debates. Scholars came to visit him . His Interviewes started to come on daily newspaper.

The author has showcased the cruelty and snobbishness of the modern human being . Self-centered. Selfish.

The second novella is a masterpiece of on British colonisation . In the dream of author ,the author of “PanchaTanra”, Vishnu Sharma visited in and wanted to learn English. Vishnu Sharma pleaded to learn particularly this subject because he thought people have forgotten his works which are in Sanskrit .
The stories are simple and completely different from each other. They are easy to follow. I found the second story more hilarious . Personally I felt the first story is little dragged . But that has made the story more enjoyable.
I will.definatly suggest you to read this book .

9. Behold I shine by Freny: Manecksha

The book starts with an introduction about the history of Kashmir conflict. After that the author takes us to the Heaven on earth. This book gives me a vivid scenario of the struggle of women go through. But this book is a nonfiction and here I lost my peace of mind. The suffering of Half-widows make me numb. They live with hope that their beloved will comeback one day. Childhood is also snatched . They are pushed behind. But through all this they shine. The Fight for. “Azadi “. If you want to read about Books on Kashmir. I would suggest you to read it.

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Apeejay bangla Sahitya Utsob – 2k19

বাঙালির তেরো পার্বণ বারো মাসে,

আর Absu আবার পড়লো এসে।

Apeejay বাংলা সাহিত্য উৎসব

বাঙালির সবার প্রিয় Absu

Haven’t heard of it before ?

Okay let me tell you.

দেশের প্রথম বাংলা সাহিত্য উৎসব,

তাই চারদিকে Absu Absu রব।

Oxford bookstore মূল উদ্যোক্তা

চালু 2015 সাল থেকে,

সকলের ভালোবাসায় এবারে

পৌছালো সে পঞ্চম বর্ষে এসে।

Apeejay বাঙলা সাহিত্য উৎসব,

রবীন্দ্রভারতী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় ও পত্রভারতী সহ নিবদক।

বাংলা সাহিত্য নিয়ে আলোচনা

বাংলা চলচিত্র নিয়ে কথা,

বাংলা সাহিত্যর সর্বত্র প্রসার-ই

Absu-র মূল কথা।

বাংলা সাহিত্যের আছে যত রত্ন,

তাদের দেখতে পাবে এখানে,

ঠিক যেন স্বপ্ন।

এসেছিলেন অনেকেই শঙ্খ ঘোষ ,প্রচেত গুপ্ত,

আবির চট্টোপাধ্যায়, সঞ্জীব চট্টোপাধ্যায়,

আরও কত কত নাম ., সত্যি বলুন তো

এমন সুযোগ কি miss করা যায় ?

এবার আসছেন 22 nov,23 nov ও 24 nov

স্বনামধন্য ব্যক্তিরা ,

কি করবেন নাকি এমন

সুযোগ হাত ছাড়া ?

ঠিকানা বলছি এসে হাজির হবেন

যেন ঠিক মতো,

জোড়াসাঁকো ঠাকুর বাড়ি বললেই পথ চেনাবে পথও।

নির্ঘণ্ট বেঁধে দিলাম সাথে,

একটুও ভুল না হয় যাতে ।

Sudha Murthy’s new book

Mythology is one of most favourite genre. I love to read this genre particularly to know more about us.

The Daughter from a wishing tree by Sudha Murthy is divided into three part and consists of twenty-four stories . I have read Sudha Murthy’s book but not any mythological retelling.

According to Indian mythology we have thirty three core gods. But there are lots of books about Indian Gods only. Stories of Our goddess are almost under the veil. But here, Sudha Murthy has taken us to a new journey .

From the very beginning ,we have heard stories about how gods has invested their powers together and has created a Devi in order to kill devils. Those stories are common . Kali, Durga, Saraswati ,Laxmi are well known. But the author has reveals their mostly unknown stories. I got to know that there are eight forms of Laxmi. And not only these goddesses Sudha Murthy has unfolds story of other goddess too.

Apart from the beautiful cover the book contains beautiful illustrations which have made the stories more interesting. We are all familiar with her mind-blowin writing style so no comments on that.

A spectacular book about mythology’s Spectacular women. A must-read book.

Thank you so much @penguinindia for this beautiful book.

Soliloquy of a small town uncivil servevent

Soliloquy of a small town uncivil servevent is a memoir by K.K. Srivastavan

Total pages – 208

Genre – memoir

Publication- Rupa Publication

About the author
K.K. SRIVASTAVA was born in Gorakhpur in 1960 and did his Masters in Economics from Gorakhpur University in 1980. He joined Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1983 and is currently working as Director General in the Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, New Delhi.

About the book

Soliloquy of a small town uncivil servevent is a memoir by K.K. Srivastavan. The story starts from narratir’s realization that he has forgoten a huge part of his past life. Through this story he tried to recall his memories .

From the prologue we get to know that he has been writing since 1988 .

At the very beginning he took us to his birthplace and we get to know about his childhood days , his family , schooldays. His experiences in college wasn’t exceptional from most of people. But when he was about twenty three years old life changed. He had to faces new world . And tbh from here the book seems to be arosed and the main story of the book come out. He started to discuss about some crucial topics . He unfastened the real life of civil service.

Step by step he refilled his memory and let the readers “witness ” this.

My views

I must admire the cover. It’s so be 😍

The best part about the book is you can feel the true India by it. he had over glorified the stories or the places. Use of Hindi words has made the book more “Deshi”.

But there are lots of uncommon and unnecessary big words which may cause difficulty to read .

My rating-3/5⭐️

Two books from @JcbPrize

We already had our winner for this year ! But I’m here sharing my thoughts on this book.

Ib’s endless search for satisfaction by Roshan Ali has been shortlisted.

And one of my friend ( not a Bookstagrammer or reader ) has gifted this copy .😌😌 So Our Protagonist Ib lives with his schizophrenic father and mother. He doesn’t have a comfortable childhood. His friends were objects, and he used to talk with them. The school life even wasn’t good . Nothing can make him comfortable. He lost his job and started searching -something he doesn’t know.

The Ib has Endless searched satisfaction sane I endlessly try to find the purpose of the story. But I found nothing. But I think it’s what the author has wanted to do with the readers.

I have found it boring when I was reading. I was expecting that SOMETHING would happen and Ib will get a better a life. But noh. That’s what happens in real life. We try to live better every. We desire better. We want more. But nothing makes us feel fulfil .

The book isn’t for everyone . Either you will dnf or you will not like it if you don’t deeply understand it.

Buy the book here

My Father’s Garden by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

I found this one interesting ! I haven’t ready any book starts with such rawness. Tbh I haven’t read much about Santhal tribes .

This book is divided into three parts. First part is about narrator’s friends , love life . We can relate to this part. Dealing with heartbreaks ,his Sexual preference – every little thing we must have faced or facing in our early twenties.

The second part deals with narrator’s first work life experience . He is a Doctor . For the job he has to moved to Pakur from Ghatshila. He slowly tried to break ice around him and mixed with people from that place. One from the hospital who is famous as Bada Babu became his closest there. He used to visit his house,in an illegal basti . The character Bada Babu was famous among the commoners but there was something fishy about him.

The last part is my most favourite part of this book. We get to know about narrator’s family and their root from here. His mother was a doctor and it was because of him . His father was an ideal man. He has broken so many stereotypes we have around us. Not only his father but his grandfather was also a courageous person. Particularly this part reminds me of “Aranyer Odhikar” by Mahasweta Devi which is about the life and fight of tribal freedom fighter Birsha Munda .

The book has touched so many important topics like racism, groupism , poverty , cheating ,self-realization and more.

And so many time I feel like it’s a memoir. Not a random fiction. But It’s Fiction that’s why I keep mentioning the word “narrator”. I like the writing. I must suggest you all to read this book.



I’m looking forward to reading his book – Adivasi will not Dance.

buy the book here

A Ticklish affair and other stories by Sunil kapoor and Sudhir Kapoor

A Ticklish affair and other stories by Sunil kapoor and Sudhir Kapoor

Total pages – 201

Genre – fiction

Publication- Rupa Publication

About the book

As the title suggest thus book is a collection of short stories most of have already been taken up to made short films and flims.

The first story Blackmail is about Ravi who is young enough and hard-working . But he has been blackmailed.

Let me soar High is a story about a girl who has been molested.

Masqueraders from the north shows us how the poor farmers from Punjab has been fooled by a fraud placement agencies . And It’s a true story .

Rickshaw Faridabadi is a romantic story between a girl and a rickshaw puller.

A ticklish affair is another Romantic story and extramarital love .

Another real life incident from SeekarRaJashthan has been showed in The Kikar Tree.

Agnates and cognates is slidely different from other stories. It’s a story of a rich bachelor and his death created a financial unofficial fight .
Tiger trail has showcased us one of the major concern for our wildlife , poachers .

Sparks of the divine is again also a different topic .

A lover’s message is about a depressed lover
My views

First I love the cover. It’s so aesthetic and eye-catching.

Each story is different from other. They have touched several issues — environmental issues, Sexual harassment, relationship problems, economic issues which have made all the stories unique and concrete.
The words are enriched which may not be easy for people who are trying their hands on English literature. 

Thank you Rupa publication for this book.