Dream Beyond Shadows

Dream Beyond Shadows by Kartikeya Ladha

Total pages – 280

Publishing house – White Falcon Publishing

Genre – Travel

About the Author

Born in Gwalior, a historic town in India, Kartikeya Ladha grew up immersed in the richness of India’s vibrant customs and family life, and educated in a rigid educational system at The Scindia School, a relic from the days of the British Raj. After completing high school, Kartikeya left India to attend Northeastern University in Boston, USA, where he concentrated on Management and Entrepreneurship. Soon after graduation he moved to Brooklyn in New York and worked for a start-up solar company as a door-to-door salesman and soon became a team leader. It was one of the most successful community solarization programs in the U.S. Kartikeya fearlessly knocked doors in Brownsville, tagged by TIME magazine in 2012 as “Brooklyn’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood.” He educated hundreds of households about climate change and motivated them to take positive action for the environment by embracing renewable energy. Kartikeya quickly became the company’s highest earner and enjoyed all the delights of fast city-living – until an inner voice surfaced out of the darkness compelling him to renounce his long-held plans of building a life in America and go seek the truth of human existence. His quest for the absolute truth led him onto an unknown path and inspired travels around the world to faraway lands, while he went beyond life’s usual norms to unearth his calling in our magical world. In the process, he initiated an endless stream of rediscovering himself as a human being, while trying to serve his life’s heart felt mission. His first book, “Dream Beyond Shadows” captures tales about many insightful stories, based on the experiences he gained from a trailblazing expedition to Peru, South America.

About The Book

This is a travel book . It’s divided into 3 parts – Complete Surrender , Ayahuasca journey and drifting mode . These parts give an idea of author’s Travel life step by step .

First one talks about author’s first Travel experience . In the second part the author talks about Amazon Jungle . The third part, author has discussed about human spirit, love ,the importance of revolution in life.

There are some tiny poems too.

What I love about this book

1. First of all I love the cover of the book . It’s pretty and eye catching .

2. I love the story telling style of the author . He describes so well and doesn’t make the reader bore .

3. The language of the text is lucid .

I want to give it 4/5 !


I am always here with you

I am always here with you by Himanshu Rai

Genre – Romance

Format – Paperback

Total pages – 200

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

About the Author

Himanshu is a telecom professional with a passion for storytelling. His previous three novels were highly appreciated. He loves writing and tries to bring real locations and themes into his stories, enabling the readers to visualize what he writes. His book My Mute Girlfriend was based on his life-story and was one of the best romance titles of the year 2018. He lives in Noida with his wife and son.

About the book

The story is about Kartik and Ashima. They were in a relationship from their teenage life. Thrir aren’t only couples but also two od friends . Their marriage took their lives into a new stage . Soon they were expecting their first child . But this time something changed their lives. Everything turned upside down !

My views

1. Though it’s a Romantic fiction but the story plot is quite new.

3. The writting is easy but beautiful .

4. The starting of the story seems to be slow paced but later it became quite fast .

5. Characters are well woven .

It was quite a good read for me !

I want to rate it 3/5 star

I want to thanks the author for this review copy !

My favourite Book Bloggers ! #TheBookBlogTrain

Here comes my most favourite topic ! I have started blogging through Instagram when I didn’t really know about blogging ! I know it sounds cliche ! But can’t help !

So today I want to talk about my favourite book bloggers who have influenced and inspired me a lot to concrete myself as a “Book Blogger “.

The list is long ! πŸ˜„

1. The Helly blog

Helly doesnt need an introduction. One of the most famous Booktuber in India ! I used to watch her videos and I started to follow her blog after joining my own blog ! This pretty lady always has raised her helping hand . Helly has made my journey smoother .

2. The Liquid Sunset

The Liquid Sunset Aritri is one of most favourite book bloggers . She is the one who inspired a lot to read books by Female author, you all already knew it “Femmemarchfest” . I love her captions and her suggestions are trust worthy .

3. Pen and Papers

Ayushi is one of the most creative bloggers here ! She always comes with new book recommendations and also amazing hastags which are so much essential not only in bookstagram but also in every reader’s life ! #readingbigbookchallenge is my recent favourite and I’m reading Kafka on the shore for her !

4. Sumaiyya Books

I have started to follow her from last few months! And I’m glad for my choice ! If you love cosy pictures with amusing captions you need to follow her. I love how she inks all her thoughts !English isn’t much first language ,so reading captions has helped a lot to enrich my own captions . Sumaaiya’s words always have inspired me !


If you need huge book recommendations and some feed goals for your feed you have to follow this amazing bibliophile ! His pictures are not only beautiful but also brilliant !

6.The Guy With Books

Amazing captions , amazing pictures (specially with coffee) helpful blog tips ,every little thing you need to be a “Blogger” , The Guy With Books comes to help you ! But the most favourite reason I follow him , the ” This or that ” game in his feed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

7. Book Gobbler

I have to talk about Siddhi . Whenever I feel so low or less energetic about posting Siddhi is my inspiration ! We all know how much kind she is ! She has a little princes but she she posts regularly not only in her blogs but also in her YouTube channel too. She is indeed a SuperMom πŸ’—

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Classic Books Recommendation : #TheBookBlogTrain

Before I start here I want to acknowledge one thing that I’m not a huge fan of classics and I haven’t read much from this particular genre !! The most logical reason behind is that they classics edition most of the time have teeny tiny fonts . They kill my eyes . πŸ˜‘

It’s quite challenging for me to recommend some classics . Rather I would love to hear from you guys πŸ˜„

But right now , few classics books I think you all should read if you haven’t already ….

1. Mother

“Mother” by Maxim Gorky is one of my favourite classics .It s one of the most revolutionaly books in the world and it does not need an explanation . This book was first published in 1906. The book is full of Emotion . It gives a reason to think about society . Where few of people are living a comfortable life , most of the people are trying hard to earn a piece of bread . This book is going to impact readers mind .

2. The very best of Jim Corbett

This book is published by @alephbooks . This one contains 14 stories. The stories describe how the tigers became men eating tigers . And these prove that Corbett was not only a great hunter but also one of the great reserver of our country .

Why you need to read this book
1. Through this book you will get to know about Tigers – their nature and their life circle . Corbett had described the nature of other animals too. I request you to read the Author Note .

2. Not only the animals, through his own you can get to know the beauty of the jungles of Kumaon too. Please read the Introduction before you start reading the stories .

3. The reader will enjoy the thrill and the adventure through his amazing writing skills

3. Black beauty

I love children classics because they are the mind boosters. Thays why i t to suggest Black Beauty by Anna Seweel . A read from childhood when you reread in your life again you feel mixture of joy, glad and sorrow that you haven’t felt the story right way that time.
This is an autobiographical Memoir of a Horse . His name is Black beauty due to is dark black body . His early life starts with his mother in a pleasant meadow . But soon his life took him from places to places , handed masters to masters .
This book reflex the cruelties those are done with the horses and what kindness can do . Their pain both physically and mentally described here with a deep heart . And I really felt a heavy heart when knowing the truth of Rob Roy . The story of ginger too moist my eyes.

4.Animal Farm

Anikal Farm by George Orwell is one of the most amazing classics I have ever read. A short read it with a deep meaning . This book ,at the begining , will remember you of Ishop’s tales , atleast it reminded of that so. But then the book becomes real and more real . We the people who live in democratic country can relate to it so much . The society seems to be for everyone but the reality plays another role ! I think you should read it. It’s under 100 pages at it will blow your mind !

5. Prophet

This classic is little different from the others. The prophet by Khalil Gibran is a spiritual read. It’s another short read with lots of knowledge about life, love ,relations . There are some meaningful illustrations by the author himself !

6. Metamorphosis

I have to talk about this book ! If you have read Murakami then you already have heard about Franz Kafka . Metamorphosis is my first read by this author . And to be honest I was shook by this story. It is another short read. But the story line is !!! Here the protagonist one day woke up in the morning and found that he had been turned into an insect ! He used to work as a clark and he was the only bread earner in his family . His transformation impacted his family . This book gives us a cruel truth of life. To know what it is you should read this book .

Wow! I’m pretty happy that I have recommended a lot ! More that I expect πŸ˜„

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To The Lions By Holly Watt

To The Lions By Holly Watt

Publication Date – 18 March 2019.

Publication – Bloomsbury Publishing

Total pages – 448

Genre – Thriller


‘Sensational! I loved it. Superbly plotted, and what a brilliant series lead! A sure hit’ Clare Mackintosh ‘Completely riveting. A breath-holding rollercoaster of a read, which opens doors and windows into the way the world is that are genuinely shocking’ Manda Scott, author of A Treachery of Spies A journalist must follow the clues, no matter how far that takes her. Casey Benedict, star reporter at the Post, has infiltrated the lives and exposed the lies of countless politicians and power players. Using her network of contacts, Casey is always on the search for the next big story, no matter how much danger this might place her in, no matter what cost emotionally. Tipped off by an overheard conversation at an exclusive London nightclub, she begins to investigate the apparent suicide of a wealthy young British man, whose death has left his fiancee and family devastated. Casey’s determined hunt for the truth will take her from the glitz of St-Tropez to the deserts of Libya and on to the very darkest corners of the human mind.

About the Author

As an award-winning investigative journalist, Holly Watt worked on MPs Expenses and the Panama Papers. She has written for the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. She lives in London. @holly_watt

My views

The book is pretty big but the story line had never made me feel boring . That’s the first thing I want to say . But to be honest when I first started this book I was quite puzzled . First few chapters I couldn’t get the plot . But I have to reread them . But as the plot rose I couldn’t put it DOWN.

I always love books with amazing Storey Telling style and here this book had amazed me . The author is a brilliant story teller . The narrating of the story has made every little thing so much alive !

A thriller can’t be a THRILLER without plot twists ! And here again this book has suprised me with twists !!

It’s a 4.5/5 star read for me !

I want to thanks Bloomsbury for This amazing Uncorected Proof Copy

Top 5 books I want to recommend ! – #TheBookBlogTrain

I have stared reading from very childhood . I have tried and tested lots of genres . I have love some of them and I don’t really like some of them . It’s quite impossible to Suggest only 5 books! But there are 5 books that I think everyone should read !


1. The God of Small Things :

If you know me you will definately now how much I love The God of Small Things By Arundhati Roy. The writing is my absolute favourite .
The story starts with May’s Ayemenem house where Rahel and Esthappen ,the two egg twin used to stay with their Ammu and her relatives. The circumstances killed the childhoods of the kids so early. The Society blamed their Ammu, who had had divorced her Bengali Husband . Ammu had never tolerated her insults. But people had blamed her. Her brother,Chacko had raise his voice For “His house”, “His Factory’ and Ammu had no right in it. But years later Alone Ammu found her love . But again it made noise in people. Death of her niece changed the life. “The Cost Of Living Climbed To an Unaffordable Heights;” This is a story reveals the Nudity of society where Women are only blamed for the divorce , they have no rights to think of her new life . Castism. It’s so yay To call a Lady “Veshya”. But again it’s not only A story of hatred and rude society but again it’s a story of love. Where people loved the Small Things.”They stuck to the small Things. The big things ever lurked inside.” The unconditional love of two egg twins, even After 23years later broke the Love Laws The God of Loss The God of small things He lefts no footprint, no image in mirror .

2. Palace of Illusion

The Palace Of illusion 🌼🌼 Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Sometimes its hard to decide which one you have to admire the most, the author or the epic lady .
This Happens with me when I started reading this book.
The book is a retelling of Mahabharat, the Indian epic, from the view Of Draupadi , who is claimed for the Great War – Kurukshetra. The book began with the childhood of her. The author has empthasised on the lives and thoughts of the female of this Epic.
Through the voice of Draupadi the author remembered how the women are treated for the ages! The women are the “Respected object” untill men find them unnecessary . She has nicely penned How this world care for your skin colour and the family you born.
Draupadi is that epic charecter people remembers her for the Wife of Five Husband but after reading this book I am gonna remember her as a lady who was Willing to do something beyond “women” do. Someone who wanted a lover who would accept all her flaws and would cherish her like I do. For me Draupadi is someone she loved her beloved though she didn’t got him till the death.For me she is someone strong enough to feel all sorrows.
I appreciate the way the author describe Karnas Eyes. The way Draupadi felt the love I could do the same. I wanted to cry for him when he got to know of his Unknown mother but he had to fought against brother. But I got angry when his love at her crucial time but he did nothing. He is the most loyal person here.

I badly want a bestfriend like Krishna. I feel jealous of Draupadi for having Krishna in her life. A friend , a true friend, not only in life but also after life.

3. The Desire

DESIRE by Haruki Murakami
This was my first read of Murakami. I have heard so many good things about the author. And before starting the #buddyread of His #norwegianwood i wanted myself to get his writting flavour! And Am addicted!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
The book is little one contains only 109 pages and perfect for this one day read .
This is a collection of short stories.
1.The second bakery attack
2.On seeing the 200% Perfect girl one Beautiful April Morning
3.Birthday Girl
4.Samsa In love
5.A folklore for my Generation : A prehistory of late stage capitalism
Each story is different from another . I got amazed the way his stories are so relatble though am not related with the coincidences! I love the touch of the Japan Atmosphere πŸ’šπŸ’š The slightly blur image of Tokio and Tokio tower!
The stories are differents but they all bond with one thread- Desire. Each story spoke out for desires- Unfulfilled desire, immense desire, confused Desire Lost desire!! The Name of the book is really apt. πŸ’œ


Persepolis is my first graphic novel . Persepolis has stunned me. I feel considerably happy and thoughtful . I’m happy because I have read this book . Only few books can make us feel fulfilled .I bought it in a steal deal but yet I felt like investing my money is worth it ! Definately nothing can replaced this joy. The joy of meeting a soul book , I would say , is really hard enough to express iiiiiiii.
It’s an autobiography of the author and she had inked all her life experiences in this book . The Iran of that time, the Islamic revolution and the wars could be experienced through her writing . My experience with this graphic novel couldn’t be rated in star !! I have never thought an autobiography could ever win my heart ! But it did !
Yes life is full of surprises !!

5. Five people you meet in Heaven :

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom is really a different topic ! When I picked up this book, I was expecting spiritual talks here . But the main thing really made me astonished !
TBH , I was feeling bore in the begining . The story was starting in a slow motion which I didn’t really like but then the plot started to get high .This book is a mixer of past and present ! Lots of life lessons! But all are so practical ! That you can’t deny !
Here the Charecter Eddie died and in heaven He met 5 persons ! He didn’t know most of them but all of them had impacted his lively hood !This book gives a new perspective of life .

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