Aurora Rising !

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristof

Format – Hardback

Total Pages – 480

Publisher – One World

About the author

Amie Kaufman is the award-winning co-author of the Starbound series. Jay Kristoff is the award-winning author of the Nevernight Chronicles and the Lotus War series. They are co-authors of the bestselling Illuminae Files trilogy and live in Melbourne, Australia

My thoughts
The book is one of the anticipated release of this year. When I received this book I was looking at this gorgeous cover !

The cover looks more beautiful than the picture !

So let’s jump into the Review .I am not a huge Sci-Fi fan but I have heard about Illuminae Files .

It took around four busy days to complete. But still I think I have taken a lot of time to finish this ultimate page turner .

The seven protagonists have given their own P.o.v. which has made the plot more concrete .

I have already mentioned it is a fast paced one. Adding of humorous elements has made this book an Awesome Sauce .

It’s defiantly a 5/5⭐️ for me.

I want to thank publication house for sending me a copy of this amazing book.


Ashoke and the nine unknown

Ashoke and The nine unknown by Anshul Dupare

Total pages- 224

Genre – Fiction

Publication- Rupa Publication

About the author

Anshul Dupare likes to explore novel ideas and unexplored avenues through his writing. Originally from Nagpur, he was brought up in Madhya Pradesh and has spent most of his life in different parts of India.

An alumnus of Sainik School, Rewa and Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), creative writing has been his hobby for a long time and he also writes poetry. He is an avid traveller, a voracious reader and is fond of chess and basketball.He currently resides in Dallas, USA.

An alumnus of Sainik School, Rewa and Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), creative writing has been his hobby for a long time and he also writes poetry. He is an avid traveller, a voracious reader and is fond of chess and basketball.He currently resides in Dallas, USA.

About the book

The book starts with the ending of devastating Kalinga War. The war is known to us as the reason of Ashoke’s Transformation from Cruel emperor to a religious one. But here the book has unfolded something new .

Ashoke was cursed by Amartya, who had lost his family in this war .

Ashoke thought of doing something great and necessary . But the mission is impossible for an one man army . So here The nine unknown came to help him .

This is actually the first part of the series .

My Take

I am fond of Indian history. But this book doesn’t only contain historical refference but there are some input of mythology and fantasy Which have made the plot more intriguing.

I love the storytelling .

The plot is woven nicely.

I have to admire the attractive cover .

The book is a page Turner.

I finished it within busy 2 days !!

It’s definitely a 5/5⭐️ read for me

A will to kill : Book Review

A will to kill by RV Raman

Genre – Thriller/Mystery

Total pages – 340

Publication- HarperCollins

About the author

After a corporate career spanning three decades and four continents, RV Raman has moved away from fulltime roles to pursue other interests. He now teaches at an IIM, mentors young entrepreneurs, serves as an independent director on company boards, and writes. In his earlier avatar, he advised companies, regulators, and governments. Tired of extensive physical travel, he now prefers less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of his own creation. He writes crime fiction, including thrillers set in corporate India and murder mysteries. Details are available at He lives in Chennai and can be reached through his website. A Will to Kill is the first book of a new series of murder mysteries.

About the book

The book starts with a younger man who talks about his father Will with a detective in their mention . His father has two types of Wills one will be applicable if he dies a natural death and other one is for unnatural death . A reader must be shook by this kind of start !

As the story moves forward the reason of the will(s) will be unfolded . There is a dark past about there mansion too which is highly connected with the Will. According to the local the Mansion is cursed

Lots of new characters enter in the plot and pushes the plot and create a cold foggy mysterious atmosphere .

My verdict

1. The plot is undoubtedly intriguing and fresh .

2. The plot is concrete and has been woven in a great way which I admire .

3. Author has done a great research and has enhanced each and every character with great details

4. The language is lucid

If you are a crazy mystery and Thriller fan go grab it !

It’s definitely a 5/5⭐️ read for me !!

I want to thanks HarperCollins for this review copy

Something I want to tell every College Fresher !!


I hope someone has told me so when I was about to enter the college. My school memories are the bestest ! Affectionate teachers and big airy classrooms I used to be a butterfly in spring !
But when I enter college , I have to move to a Mega city and I have to leave my roots . Hostel life happened !

Here I started to discover new things about myself ! I have big teeth ! I have arm fats ! My feet are darker ! I have arm fat ! I have a dimple !

So what happens to me ? All my dreams of “College life ” which I have gathered from bollywood movies (😢) seemed to be shattered !!!

And also my dream to be _( I’m not gonna tell you 😊) also seemed unachievable!

Everything around me seemed to gop and swallo me down !!

It takes a lot of painful months and days and hours and seconds to heal myself !

Time heals only if we want to be healed !

So all of you , who is just going to enter a new chapter of life want to tell you – Enjoy this journey 😊 you will not going to get back these amazing days ! Make some memories . Show your big teeth to everyone . Flaunt your arm fat , belly fat, love handles . Live your life fullest .


Dismantle :How to Deconstruct your mind and build a personal creative machine by Shlomo Maital

Dismantle :How to Deconstruct your mind and build a personal creative machine by Shlomo Maital

Total pages – 304

Publisher – HarperCollins

Genre – Self help / Business

About the Author

Shlomo Maital is emeritus professor at Technion and senior research fellow at the Neaman Institute, Israel. He was summer visiting professor for twenty years in MIT Sloan School of Management, teaching over 1,000 R&D engineers from forty countries. He is the author, co-author or editor of fourteen books on management and innovation .

My views

This is a Self-help book. I have read a few Self-help book but mostly they are filled with lots of informstion those are mostly theoretical . But if you try to apply some “theory ” in your daily life you will be puzzled . If you can not help yourself after reading a Self book , then how can you call this a Self-help book ?

But my experience with dismantle is quite different. May be you know that I have taken a break from instagram for a short time period. But this is all for the book “Dismantle” to “Dismantle” my life !

I have picked this up at right moment of my life where I really wanted to get back my Creativity because at that time I was feeling like my Creativity has stopped flowing ! And I was hustling . When you want to fit in a creative world , this struggle is real .

The author has written everything after doing a practical research . So they are easy to follow and practical, which is undoubtedly necessary .

The author has explained each and every chapter very briefly which I really appreciate .

The language is easy enough to read if even you are a beginner.

It’s a 4/5 ⭐️

Rewind and play

Rewind and play By Tarun Gautam

Total Pages – 176

Format – Paper back
Publication house – Tree shade house

About the author

Tarun Gautam or TeeGee is a free thinker and a writer with a soul. When not penning books, he is the Regional Sales Head for a leading banking technology firm and has travelled to over 20 countries. He believes experiencing varying cultures of countries such as Latvia and South Africa have given him a unique world-view. An engineer and an executive MBA from IIM Lucknow, Tarun played a key role in the formative years of two consulting start-ups. Tarun is also a keen golfer and yoga enthusiast.

About the book

The story revolves around Raghab Dhiwan . Raghav is mostly like all of us with lots of dream . A successful job. A loving Partner. Amazing life . These dreams chase him and he can’t balance his life .

One day he gets an invitation from his college friends for a get together . He tries to refuse but can’t .
He ends up meeting his friends .

My views

The book reflects the memories of College days of the protagonist and most of us can relate to this .

The book is quite slow faced and The plot is not concrete . The plot could have been way more better because there were enough good elements to make it so.

The language is simple .

And as per the title , as the book has taken us back to the protagonist’s college life , the title is appropriate .

The book is a 3/5 ⭐️

Snakes in the Meadows

Snakes in the Meadows by Ayaz Kohli

Total pages- 288

Genre- Fiction

Publication – Rupa

Format- Paperback

About the author

Ayaz Kohli is presently serving as Joint Commissioner-GST, Mumbai. Having seen the rise and repercussions of militancy from very close quarters, and moved by the plight of the people of the border districts of Jammu and Kashmir, he has come up with his debut novel, Snakes in the Meadows.

About the book

In 1987, two teenager ,Aslam and Ashwar two love birds dreamt to live their lives togather in the village Pather Ali. This village is in Kashmir. But soon their lives changed . Ashwar had to marry a widower, Hanif with two children . Although Hanif was poor he took care of his family. Due to poverty he had to fly to Saudi Arabia ,where most of the others people went to earn some money . But his passport was fake.

And on the other side , Aslam left the village and took a train to Mumbai.

My views

This book is not only about two lovers and their separation. But it is more than that. The livelihood of Kashmir people and their daily struggles have been written here amazingly . The author has draged the veil of The Heaven on earth and through his writing we can see the real scenario. Not just natural beauty but the cruelty lives within had come to day light.

How the poor and unaware falls in the trap of the brutal people ,how they are provoked , how they are mislead in the name of Serving God.

This is the first novel by this author but I literally love his writing .

But if you are someone who is just starting your hands on English literature , may be you will find the words little hard .

I love the cover. The cover is appropriate with the story.

The title is apt .

It’s definitely an amazing read

No doubt 5/5⭐️

I want to thanks the publisher for this amazing review copy.