Adulting by Neharika Gupta

Adulting by Neharika Gupta

Total pages-207

Genre -fiction

Publication- HarperCollins

About the book

Adulting by Neharika Gupta revolves around three characters Tejas, Ruhi and Aisha .
Tejas is a best seller writer and struggling to overcome writer’s block. Ruhi is working at Literacy Publishing . Aisha is a popular blogger .
Ruhi works hard to take the literacy to a new level . But her mother is always there to throw her weight about. That’s why she hides her relationship with Tejas.

On the other hand Aisha is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger and lives alone in Delhi. Aisha has an external faith in her beauty. She joins literacy as Social media manager.
Ruhi‘s too much insecurity makes Tejas uncomfortable, and he breaks up with her . Soon he feels attracted towards Aisha .
Aisha is too much conscious about her looks and weight. As her weight increase she starts loosing sanity . She feels depressed .

My views

The book gives us a inside view of publication house . The struggle of bloggers also well reflected here. But the story is predictable enough and finished hurriedly.
Tejas s unstable decisions about whom to date has made the story insipid.

It would be more logical if Aisha has consulted a Psychologist instead of visiting doctor only to control her diet.

I want to give this book 3/5 ⭐️

Sories of us !

The men are the strangest creatures . They harm themselves, other animals and the planet they are living in . They are obsessed with themselves only. Egotism over everything.

Stories of Us by Bobby Sachdeva is a collection of 41 short stories. Each story starts with illustrations related to the story and end with a question which will make you think about the problems from the chapter.

The stories here are a reflection of everything happens around us. Matters like corrupted society, financial turmoil, supressing of desire – more or less everything. This book is our corrupted society’s mirror .

The writing of the author is lucid and perfect for beginners. Though I personally think some stories are wrapped up in a hurry. But there are some stories, such as Sharpshooter,Nirvana which make you astonished
4/5⭐️ #bookstagrammersofindia #booksinmysquare #bookishescape #kimmersbooks #anticipatedreads #readingislit #bookstagramista #blakecrouch #bdloves #riotgrams #indianbooks #bookpicture #bookphotograph #indianbookstagrammer #bookstagramcommunity #indianreaders #aussiereaders #bookwormlife #readingforfun #bookstagrammersunite #avidreader #unitedbookstagram #bookstagramindia #mybookfeatures

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What do you think of our society ? What do you want to change ? The men are the strangest creatures . They harm themselves, other animals and the planet they are living in . They are obsessed with themselves only. Egotism over everything. Stories of Us by Bobby Sachdeva is a collection of 41 short stories. Each story starts with illustrations related to the story and end with a question which will make you think about the problems from the chapter. The stories here are a reflection of everything happens around us. Matters like corrupted society, financial turmoil, supressing of desire – more or less everything. This book is our corrupted society's mirror . The writing of the author is lucid and perfect for beginners. Though I personally think some stories are wrapped up in a hurry. But there are some stories, such as Sharpshooter,Nirvana which make you astonished 4/5⭐️ #bookstagrammersofindia #booksinmysquare #bookishescape #kimmersbooks #anticipatedreads #readingislit #bookstagramista #blakecrouch #bdloves #riotgrams #indianbooks #bookpicture #bookphotograph #indianbookstagrammer #bookstagramcommunity #indianreaders #aussiereaders #bookwormlife #readingforfun #bookstagrammersunite #avidreader #unitedbookstagram #bookstagramindia #mybookfeatures

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Age of the Imperfect Leader: Leading from strength

Age of the Imperfect Leader: Leading from strength by Pawan Verma

Total pages – 264

Genre – Self-help

Publication- Rupa publication

About the author
Pawan Verma is an Author, Thought Leader, Professional Speaker and M anagement Consultantfrom India’s financial services sector. His experience in the corporate world spans over thirty-fiveyears and includes leadership roles like the Chief Operating Officer of an Indo-Japanese start-upventure, Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance and the Group CEO of the KnowSys Group of Companies.

Blurb – (Amazon)
With a down-to-earth approach, leadership expert and practitioner Pawan Verma goes beyond the rhetoric associated with leadership and makes the unequivocal suggestion that you should have the courage to be imperfect and if you try to be good at everything, your never be great at anything. How’s that for a change? In a powerful narrative enriched with examples from great leaders, the age of the imperfect leader debunks the myth of perfect leaders. The book identifies the key secrets of leadership success in the modern world: discovering your strengths and investing in these areas, focusing on the strengths of your team members instead of their weaknesses, making your leadership team well-rounded, being a principled pragmatist and creating the eco-system needed for success in the contemporary world.

My views

No matter what your goal of life is this book is going to be your friend. So many books and videos on this topic ,”leadership” are available nowadays. They talk about making a perfect LEADERSHIP. But in reality we find it impossible to be perfect. And here comes this book to bust each and every misconception related to this topic.

Written in an easy language,in this book author has discussed different aspects and importance of making yourself a Leader in your own wor field. The real examples given by the author has made the book easy to follow.

A must read for everyone who want to make themselves better !


4/5 ⭐️

The Rape Trial

The Rape Trial by Bidisha Ghosal
Format- ebook

Publishing house- Notion Press
Rahul Satyabhangi is from high society . He was accused of raping Avni. Rhea was common friend of them. This case stirs the elite members of the society. Avni was soon sent abroad and Rahul was Vindicated at the trial. But this case can not change anything about him. Media appoint him as the flag bearer of Men’s right Activism.

Rhea is someone hardworking and ambitious and it helps her to meet Hitaishi and AmrutaThese trio now take a step to change society’s view towards Rape.

Rape is a subject which makes us feel uncomfortable. There are many reasons about that. The author, Bidisha Ghosal, has boldly voiced her views.

The Rape Trial is a book which showcased how much the family of rape victim along with the victim to face in society. And not only them but also people who want justice to them. Each and every character is well researched . Plot is woven brilliantly and of course I have to mention that the sub-plots here are equally important . They have made the plot concrete.

The Rat Eater

The Rat Eater by Anand Ranganathan & Chitra Subramaniam

Total pages- 372

Genre – Murder mystery

Publication- Bloomsbury India

About the Author

Anand Ranganathan is the author of The Land of the Wilted Rose and For Love and Honour. A graduate of St Stephen’s College, Delhi, and Pembroke College, Cambridge, he is a scientist based in Delhi.

Chitra Subramaniam is the founder of CSD Consulting, Switzerland, working at the crossroads of public health, media and development. An award-winning journalist and author, she is one of India’s best-known media personalities

About the book

The story starts off from a Police Station . A mysterious Murder case of Mr. Sanne , a mumbai base political figure has put the Police out of gear and there is an odd similarity with Agatha Christie novels. Mumbai Police has threw there heart and soul to solve this case. To investigate this matter IPS AB comes to Mumbai from Delhi with her wife Aparajita. Though they come for another reason but this situation gives them a chance to meet their college best friend After 15 years !

Through out the book we the readers , experienced two different timeline. Auhor takes us 40 years back and forth in order to weave the story. In 40 years before timeline the story of Kalki has been said. After each and every chapter author has put down philosophical thoughts and questioned some customs and practices .

My Views

From the starting the book felt not so interesting because I didn’t found any hints what’s coming next. I have guessed the scenario between the Trios quite well. But As the plot starts to change the book started to swallow me.

If you read this book you don’t only enjy a Murder Mystery but the reasons behind this murders will moist your eyes. Author has blended a dark side of our society with mystery and suspense successfully.

A perfect Murder mystery and A book which has raised questions about Casteism !


I want to thank Bloomsbury India for this gifted Copy !

Future Tense – Another book about Kashmir !

Future Tense by Nitasha Kaul

Genre- Fiction

Publication- HarperCollins

About the book

Future Tense by Nitasha Kaul is a story about Kashmir. The book is divided into three parts. The first part starts with Zeenat . Zeenat’s marriage didnt work and she came back to home with a child. Her family initially was shocked. They tried to fix it . Zeenat’s husband is another miserable person- an important government officer.

In second part , We get to know about Shireen, grand daughter of a spy discoverer . She is a university student and a brave girl.

The third part is about Imraan , nephew of Fayaz and his friends ,their plans and movements.

The characters are from different places of Kashmir but their paths are interconnected. They effects each other.


First and foremost, I must admire the great writing style of the author which has made the book decorous . The plot and characters are both well researched. In the beginning of the I felt the story is slow paced but gradually it made me change my mind. The daily life of people in kashmir has been successfully portraited. How the political turmoil has affected daily lives can be sensed though this book. The book is not only about the people of Kashmir. The struggle of every woman is also here. Not only the political environment but also the problem with religions and within religion has been reflected.

A well researched , A well written Book about Kashmir !

4/5 ⭐️

Words Matter : The “Language” that girls need to speak by Shreya Krishnan Jacintha Jayachandran

India’s Founding Monument : The Constitution of a Most Surprising Democracy by Madhav Khosla

India’s Founding Monument : The Constitution of a Most Surprising Democracy by Madhav Khosla

Total pages – 219

Genre – Nonfiction

Publication- HarperCollins

About the Author

Madhav Khosla, a political theorist and legal scholar, is the author of The Indian Constitution and co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution. He is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Ashoka University, the Ambedkar Visiting Associate Professor of Law at Columbia University, and a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows.

About the book

India’s Founding Monument by Madhav Khosla is an insightful read about our Indian constitution. The book is divided into mainly three part along with a introduction part and conclusion. Necessary notes are also attached.

This book is an account of India’s political struggle of Pre-independence India to recent time period. It is a proof of how India’s Constituent Assembly have improved as well as they have made India better.

The book is full of information . But thi book would be more digestive if the author have used more comprehensible words.

4/5 😊